Wednesday, December 3, 2008


thankfully, there is a kitchen on my office floor. complete with a stovetop. unfortunately for the rest of the office, I would have to say, I use it! and sometimes, end up stinking up the whole place. there was the burnt popcorn that sent everyone down the hall with their hands over their noses, the chicken breasts frying in butter that sent everyone down to see where the wonderful smell of butter was coming from, the black bean burgers that some were enticed enough to buy, the nachos for breakfast with extra extra cheese that had everyone wondering how i could eat anything at any time, and this morning, the egg salad. just finished mashing some freshly boiled eggs and am letting them cool in the icebox and have already gotten yelled at to "cover the damn things up!" OOPS! hee hee! food is fabulous.


lauren said...

I wish my kitchen had a stovetop! we just finally got a toaster oven and today I am making mini pizzas on english muffins! Nachos for breakfast sounds perfect to me. yum.

timourma said...

thanks for leaving me my sole comments :)

lauren said...

no problem - i am going to link to your top 5 foods post on my blog is a good topic.