Tuesday, December 9, 2008

really? top five?

so last night we run up to 7-11 ("sevs" as it is affectionately called) to grab a snack and as we are paying we see the large sheet of name brand rice crispy treats that they are selling next to the counter. Well first of all, really? parents are so lazy nowadays they can't even be bothered to make a pan of treats for their kids bake sale? they have to buy a sheet of the crappy name brand ones and cut them up? that poor kid who is the one who has to bring those in! how can that compete with the two inch thick, so much marshmellow they are almost white, greasy hand made ones?! (they still, like, have bake sales and stuff don't they? i got a little worried right there, thinking this may be a thing of the past. like everything else that has disappeared since i left high school.) ANYHOW, this led me to making the statement to Dan that rice crispy treats are in my top five favorite things which of course sparked, "Top five? really?!" hence, the blog list. cause i think he's right. i dont think it makes my top five. at least not today! can you name your top five? i'm just saying. its harder than you think.


lauren said...

oh man - this is hard. I am going to try and categorize my top five as foods that I cant stop eating. meaning, once I start, it needs to be taken away from me.

1. french fries - all varieties
2. mac & cheese
3. pizza - I am picky here - it has to be thin, chewy crust and incredible or else I have no problem stoppping.
4. chocolate chip cookies - picky here too. they have to be chewy and not have too many chocolate chips.
5. gyoza/potstickers. These must have something addictive in them because I cant stop craving them.
6. plantain chips
7. toasted ww potato bread w/ almond butter and chocolate chips.

I cant stop! i could go on and on!!

timourma said...

oooooh gyoza. thats getting added, i forgot about them. so hard.

lauren said...

yeah - and I forgot to add tortilla chips with fresh guacamole. I cant ever stop eating that stuff.