Thursday, December 18, 2008

pictures pictures pictures

just kidding. there are no pictures. but there will be, i promise, after christmas! on sunday dan and i went into the city to walk around, see the tree and get the general christmas spirit with the millions of others who parade the streets of new york during this time of was fun. saw an awesome sidewalk show of two drummers, one on a real set and one playing on large buckets...they were quite good. chowed down on all the new york favorites, hot dogs, soft pretzals and pizza and popped into the Joshua Tree to catch some afternoon football while enjoying a bloody mary. and some french fries (with bacon and cheese). the ferrry ride across the water heading back home was amazing, nothing quite like leaving NYC in darkness on a boat. the week is flying by! last night stopped into Outback Steakhouse for some grub. I crave their pumpernickle bread sometimes. and the whipped butter? like what is that?! its heaven, thats what it is. I had a chopped blue cheese salad, loaded baked potato and a cheeseburger. and a large blue moon. it was so good. only ate half the burger tho cause it was so much food. but it didn't go to waste, i ate the other half this morning on the way to work! anyhow, lotsa snow expected tomo night, can't wait!

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lauren said...

reading this made me really hungry.