Saturday, January 3, 2009


new camera. finally some pics up in here! well first of all, happy new year to all! this year's new years was pretty quiet but we enjoyed new year's day immensely. headed down to asbury park and went to the Brick Wall where we had amazing bloody marys and good times with friends. that would be dan trying to shove one of the very same into my mouth! our waitress was clearly on crack, but the bloody marys made up for it!

last night we went out to The Quay in Sea Bright for what was described as a lobster buffet. it included different types of pasta, shrimp cocktail, crab legs and yes, as many lobsters as you could eat. i can't say however, that i am the biggest fan of lobster, so this was mostly for dan. i had shrimp cocktail and this salad...greens with golden raisins, toasted pecans, cucs, tomatoes and that big ol hunk of goat cheese, with a raspberry vinagrette. delicious.

but this place was otherwise all around just ok and isn't making it to my "places to eat" list. the vibe was totally weird. and altho he had three, dan said the lobsters were just ok. i dunno what it was about the place, but def will NOT be headed back. you should have seen the mound of ice they served under my shrimp cocktail. it was ridic. anyhow, can't believe there are still two more days of this weekend!


lauren said...

nice pictures! about you are stick around for while?

lauren said...

oh and that is some SERIOUS goat cheese. yum

mara said...

we'll see!