Saturday, May 29, 2010


Once a year in May, Ocean City turns into a hotspot for all lovers of vintage cars, classic cars, muscle cars, street rods, hot rods, whatever anyone may call them. It is quite the scene! This year surpassed all others in the decade in which i have been joining my family for this event, and there were more cars, and more spectators then ever.

THE CARS: My uncle Chris drove the red Oldsmobile on the left down from the Boston area, my uncle pat drove the middle 442 Oldsmobile up from Tampa with his wife, my aunt kay, and the red convertible Cutlass oldsmobile was driven by my uncle butch out from columbia. Yes, these are Oldsmobile people! (i was going to try and give the years of the cars but i am too afraid of the wrath should i mess them up :) )

Thursday and Friday both start out with an early parade down the boardwalk. The weather was perfect both days! check out the ocean - an early morning empty beach is one of my favorite things.

Friday brought out a ton of drivers and a ton of spectators. The boardwalk was packed with people filming the parade and taking photos of their favorite cars.

That's myself, my aunt chrissy and her sister anne. We are the crowd- proclaimed 442 girls! (And likely the only ones in the parade perched in the back of a convertible waving to people like we are beauty queens, but whatever! we have fun.)

After the parade, we chill in the inlet. Everyone gets to walk around and look at all the cars. I also like to sunbathe.

I just think its pretty cool when you are stopped at a red light and this is what you see behind you. Takes me back. No wait, I was never there! Maybe thats why I like it so much, it brings me to an era that I think was super cool.

Here's the clan at one of the show venues, Harpoon Hanna's. From left to right, my uncle butch, aunt kay, uncle pat, aunt maureen, mom, dad (gotta give a shout out to my dad who made it down for the first time, good job dad), uncle chris, anne, steve and my aunt chrissy. And then me with my aunt chrissy.

Something you must have in your car: dice.

Something you may also have? A funny sign:

Oh, I saw what must have been the original smart car! well, not quite. A 1972 honda, i believe, the first honda ever made...tiny.

And one of my favorites...

All in all, it was a great show, a great opportunity to hang with the Higgins side of my family, good times. I wish I had some pictures of the crowds that lined the streets at night just sitting and watching these cars peel out and burn rubber. I also wish i had some footage of the police chasing after them! Anyone ever have an opportunity to visit OC during this show, I would highly recommend it! It is quite the American experience.

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