Thursday, July 9, 2009


PART III: West Virginia Motorcycle Trip

Peter, Todd and I set out for our 2nd annual weekend motorcycle trip this year before the sun. Rise and shine at Todd's house at 4:45 for an anticipated 5 a.m. start. The weather was cool and crisp, and we were super excited for another trip. The destination this year was West Virginia and the plan was to head south way past Harper's ferry to hit a route that would take us West, over the Blue Ridge mountains and into West Virginia.

The bikes getting a shine to wash off the morning dew...

Crossing into Virginia as the sun popped up. I was seriously needing some sun, the air was quite cool, even in my heavy leather jacket!

Going through the Blue Ridge mountains we stumbled upon Seneca Rocks. There were lots of cars parked by a tourist center and when we looked closely we could see people on the top. A hike for another trip...

Just a cool shot Peter took of an old Ford tractor center right across from the rocks.

Peter, Todd and I are great traveling partners for this kind of a trip because we all want the same thing: to be on the bike as many hours as possible and to see as many back roads as possible! But biking is tiring! (And I wasn't even driving!) So after a long search for the best possible spot to take a nap, we stumbled upon this field where we took our siesta...there's pete, in his slumber :)

Two shots of the kinds of roads we like to travel. Shout out to Todd, the best motorcycle driver a girl could want to ride with!....i never feel anything but 100% comfortable with him driving, so thanks todd!

All in all Saturday was full of some AMAZING roads. We ended up in Deep Creek Lake for some amazing grub at a brick oven pizza place there before crashing at a hotel...We took the liberty of sleeping in a bit and then we were off again, to explore some waterfalls in the area.

We found a cool, unpopulated recreational lake just outside of Deep Creek just into West Virginia that made us seriously long for a boat! Love my boys! Overall, another great trip! Cannot wait until our next adventure...

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