Sunday, March 29, 2009

backstreet's back, alright!

ok that was kinda gay. but i was thinkin, i'm back (to blogging that is) and thats the first song that came to my mind. oh man, sad. anyhow, hello! just got back from florida, tanned and relaxed, so i thought i would share some stuff. it was perfect weather in tampa. cool in the morning, (embracing the weather i actually got up and ran every morning) and then by afternoon it was 80 and breezy. forida at its best. went to see some family. they are into vintage cars and its kinda cool actually, the cars are awesome to look at, and there is something to be said about older people looking back, and appreciating a simpler be honest, its really heartwarming to me somehow. so, didn't get to get a new pickup truck after totaling my tacoma (this time round), but i was thinking maybe this would be my next!
was playing with my camera and thought this was a cool pic...

we went to the hard rock cafe and casino (yes there is actually one in tampa) and my aunt gave me a free coupon for twenty dollars worth of "gameing" (does that word have an e or no e. i don't know and am too lazy to consult a dictionary) if i signed up for a hard rock card. so i signed up and had to take my twenty dollars to one and only one machine. my aunt and i settled on a 2 cent slot machine and on the second button push, yes beginner's luck set in and i won 66 bucks!!! sweet! here's me with my lucky slot.

come to think of it i don't think its legal to take pics in casinos! oh well. no one threw me out. i took my winnings and left, for the first time ever, without losing it all! but then i went shopping and spent it all.

ok so i don't know where this idea came from, but as soon as i saw it, i knew i needed one.

a cooler on wheels?! i. love. this.

anyhow, all in all it was a great time away. just a few days makes a big difference. but now back to the drama of my life. i'll leave you with this shot of my aunt's pool...this guy has the life.


Carron said...

Good to read your blog again!

lauren said...

welcome back! That cooler on wheels is hilarious...and i love the photo with B&W and color. you have to tell me how you did that.