Wednesday, November 26, 2008

the beginning of the end?

i really didn't want to start a blog. i just didn't! i really don't even want to read blogs. but. once in awhile i do. (damn you lauren.) and once in awhile i feel like i have something to say. so. here it is. can't tell you how often i will post or what the hell it will even be about, but here it is! The Dan man in my life says that one of my favorite things to say, (usually in response to him taking issue with something ELSE i have said), is "I'm just saying." For example, Me: "You know Dan you really shouldn't feel bad about really needing a morning Coke cause i just saw the drive thru line at dunkin donuts and its obscene!" Dan: "Actually, I don't feel bad." Me: "Well. I'm just saying." and so, my title! (I wish that he hadn't pointed out this particular habit of mine because i was perfectly happy not noticing how annoying i can be. cause i see now, i say this alot.)
alright. well its 10:50 and i have already had a banana on the drive in and salad when i got to work. it was a great salad i made the other night:
--spinach mix (wegman's has great salad mix, and its pretty cheap)
--chopped cucs
--chopped hard boiled eggs (only some yoke from each)
--sliced pears
--chopped celery
--chopped onions
--sauteed mushrooms
--shredded cheese
--apple cider vinegar

i find that with salads, nothing but a yummy flavored vinegar is necc if you have the right ingredients...the secret ingredient definitely is the sauteed mushrooms...sautee them in some olive oil till they are completely tender, let cool to room temp and then add. Wish i had a nut of some kind for this, but it was good nonetheless. and super healthy!
so. i am still hungry. i have serious eating issues while at work. unless i am in court, i just constantly need to munch. so i am off to make some nachos. and i heard there was cake in the office later for a secretary who is about to pop out a baby...i see this day as an opportunity to stretch my stomach for tomo! not that it has far to go. but hopefully i will be able to leave early so i can get in a run while it is still light out!
ok well thanks for listening to my first, and possibly only? blog!

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lauren said...

YESSSSS - you are being added to my blog roll!